Sustainable has never been a selling point for us, just a common sense way of life on the farm.  But as old school becomes trendy again, we might have just become really cool by accident!  Words like ‘organic,’ ‘sustainable,’ and ‘local’ are all becoming important catch phrases to consumers, leaving a few of us bewildered about how society ever got away from these things in the first place.  While we can’t exactly claim to be completely organic around our farm, we’re not sure that everyone out there wants that cost-prohibitive guarantee anyhow.  But, this site is not intended to sell or advertise our goods one way or another!  What we hope to bring to you here is a window into your local family farm and all that goes into bringing that delicious spread to your table!  Whether you’re a curious city slicker, a country folk at heart that’s been exiled to the city, or just a family friend, welcome to our window!

Just East of Eagle Point, Oregon, “The Garden Shed” is really just a sweet little red barn on our family farm where we happen to sell some excess garden vegetables in their season.  In it’s former occupation, the Garden Shed served as a self-serve milk house where customers could help themselves to fresh eggs, raw milk, and cheese from our family owned and operated Hubbard’s Billanjo Dairy.  Those were good years, but after 25 years of business, the dairy cows were sold in 1996.  But Mr. Hubbard’s love for gardening never departed.  Now, we’re three generations strong, working the garden together and learning from the wiser and more experienced Mr. Hubbard!  One thing is for sure: we love being outside, and couldn’t choose a better place to be on a warm spring, summer, fall, or winter day!


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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I can remember buying the milk and eating the cheese. Now the vegetables are just what a city girl needs. More than nature’s delightful delicacies I love the family friendliness of your home. Thank you Hubbard Family.

  2. I remember you telling the story of how the cheese part of your business came about and now supplying fresh veggies to the community from the red barn. God is amazing how He inspires us.

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