The Colder Months

Life gets busy around the holidays.  We probably all experience that craziness – whether it’s writing Christmas letters to all your loved ones, or reading the dozens that come in.  We didn’t bother sending out a farm update or “Christmas letter” as a result.  So what have we been doing all these months?

Well, the fall brought piles of leaves in from the city, so we began again on mulching for future gardens.  Our warm fall had us picking broccoli, beets, and even zucchini well past our regular summer months!  You may have noticed that we kept the garden shed open this year, even into these winter months.  (We only have eggs to offer out there now).

If you’re local and reading this, no doubt you were covered with a nice thick layer of snow this winter as well!  Winter 2016-17 025

We’ve been told this is the most snow we’ve had since 1917, and it will no doubt reserve a spot in the memories of the “young’uns” here on the farm!  It had us older ‘kids’ reminiscing about that “one year” when we had inches of snow, sledded around the driveway behind dad’s motorcycle, and had a massive snowball fight with the neighbor kids!  So, we made new memories this year by hooking up the sled to our four wheeler, and scraping trails across every field of perfectly draped snow!  The kids had a blast!

I’m not quite sure the cows enjoyed it quite as much.  Here is a shot that Mr. Hubbard took early one morning, while feeding hay to the cows who were still encrusted with frost.

Winter 2016-17 089

We know spring is just around the corner now.  Those same cows are busy having their babies.  The days have lengthened enough that the chickens have resumed their laying (did you know they need a certain amount of daylight to keep them laying?), and the first of the flowers have erupted into blossom outside our doors!

We hope you’re enjoying the promise of warmer (and Lord willing, drier) weather!  Mr. Hubbard has remained hard at work, and has already started his garden this year.  The seedlings have germinated indoors.  He’s also pruned all the fruit trees, in hopes of another bumper crop.  Meanwhile, we look forward to our first harvest of the spring, which will likely be the asparagus.  🙂  Wishing you sunny spring days!


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